Friday, February 3, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Decisions...

If you're a political activist and want to remain generally anonymous, one of the first things you should NOT do is act like a prick while linking to articles publishing the names and information of other political activists, only removing said link after being called out w/ your real name in (unpublished) comments.

Another thing you should NOT do is conduct television interviews using your pseudonym (especially a trademarked pseudonym) and post videos/photos of yourself during political activities. This can be optional unless you do the below.

Now Sebastian TBFKASIH believes we shouldn't 'out' someone unless they're using their various handles as sockpuppets to pretend there's more support for your cause than there really is.

Yeah, don't do that either:

Because then if someone happens to click on the name and see a profile picture of the exact same person pictured in said videos/photos they're likely going to do a little Googling, just to see what's up.

And when they find ANOTHER profile of you calling yourself a 'public figure' and admitting to both your real name and pseudonym under yet another picture of yourself, don't be surprised when we laugh at you for being, (how did you put it again?) "Sensitive" over having this information made a little more public.

After all of these unfortunate decisions are made, you have another one to make. You can either accept the fact that people know who you really are and avoid the 'Streisand Effect' or you can continue acting like a petulant child and try to escalate the hostilities. I wouldn't recommend the latter but it's your choice.

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Sebastian said...

Thanks for point out the sock puppetry. I have updated the post. Given this evidence I didn't have before, Jason Kilgore is indeed fair game.

Pyrotek85 said...

Yeah I'm not sure why he's Liking his own posts if he doesn't want us to connect the dots. He's doing a poor job of keeping his two identities separate. Sometimes I really wonder if they think we're all idiots or something.

Weer'd Beard said...

Not to mention when he's using both names under the Joyce Umbrella

Not like Ceasefire Oregon is a big org.

But hey, he "Talked to a Lawyer" and the lawyer said "Throw a Tantrum"..and maybe also "Do a Barrel Roll"

ravenshrike said...

An invalid trademark, unless you are arguing that someone could trademark Yaweh, Mithra, or Shiva as a character name. Given Norse naming conventions, Baldr Odinson would have been the god's actual name.

Mr Evilwrench said...

Yeah, I wouldn't get worked up over the trademark, but I would point my finger and laugh over the technologically challenged behavior. Of course, we're dealing with people who are in basic denial of a big honking slab of reality that flattens all their opinions without exception, so we can't expect much sense from them.