Wednesday, February 1, 2012

@CSGV: No Shame, No Integrity, No Ethics

Sebastian TBFKASIH talks about the smear piece Ladd Everitt does on journalist Emily Miller because she dares complain about the fact it's taken her months to obtain a firearm in DC. Well Ladd and his supporters don't stop there, they also delve into criminal activity and mysoginism by using copyrighted photos from Oleg Volk (who has sent a cease and desist letter) and Ms. Miller apparently believing it's OK to break one law to push for another. A vehement anti-gun activist and CSGV supporter going by the handle @gunsensus says this about Ms. Miller having a photo taken w/ guns:
@SebastianSH @CSGV @EmilyMiller No, posing with guns like an amateur centerfold is juvenile for editor of a newspaper. #credibilitylost.
Yeah, she's just askin' for it. What an enlightened view of women. I'm sure the anti-gun lobby is proud to have criminals and misogynists in their midst.

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1 comment:

Weer'd Beard said...

They took down Oleg's photo. Emily's is still there.

Then again Mine is too. Not like these people care.