Monday, January 30, 2012


And the graphic on the side of the NGVAC's Starbucks boycott page showing the number of attendees has vanished.

What it looked like yesterday morning.

This is what you do when you're losing.


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Wolfman said...

I looked at that page earlier this am, and it still had 137. All of the comments were pro-gun. I found their Facebook page. All of the comments were pro-gun, and they had 167 likes, all of them from groups of some strain or another, with Michael Bloomberg being the only real name. Apparently none of their 14 million members are on Facebook. Incidentally, I also had to dig to even find them, eventually asking the google. On the first page, Sebastian's article came up 5th.

On the other hand, it looks like they are now hosting another pro-gun forum on their facebook page, unless Reasoned Discourse has taken hold there.

TS said...

I've never seen a blowout so bad that the home team pulls the power on the scoreboard.

Wolfman said...

Its one thing to pull the power and go home and pout. Its quite another to pull the power and say you won the game...

greenmeanie said...

The count is BACK and it's at 9,954!! I call BS!

greenmeanie said...

OK, I'm an ass and shouldn't be allowed to post on 3 hrs sleep and too many Red Bulls! Please ignore (or deleate) my post above.

I will now go flog myself with a wet noodle.

LC Scotty said...

They deleted my comment mocking their alleged numerical superiority