Sunday, January 29, 2012

NGVAC Feeling The Pinch @GunVictimsAct

Less than two weeks to go before the NGVAC claims their 14 million members will shut down Starbucks nationwide and force them to ban the carrying of firearms in their stores and donated to anti-rights groups. Let's see how they're doing as of 10am 1/29:

132 attending. Not so good. That wouldn't even affect one kiosk. Let's see how the BUYcott is doing:
Oh, that's got to hurt. I thought the NGVAC claimed they outnumbered the 'NRA Extremist Faction' 50:1? Maybe they had their numbers backwards.

Right now, Elliot Fineman, president of the NGVAC, has spent the morning trying to smear firearm owners and posting on walls to garner support while studiously avoiding answering the challenge he made and to which I answered. 48 hours and not a single comment allowed on their 'blog'.

They've also put up 'jumbotron' advertisements in Times Square and Las Vegas. That begs the question as to who's funding them. Where did they get the money to do this? It certainly wasn't from their members.

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TL671 said...

That's just too damn funny. I don't know how long they were in the planning stages for their boycott, but the pro-freedom buycott only got started after their announcement, and we outnumber them 64 to 1. I hope whoever is bank rolling them thoroughly enjoys failure, or maybe it's just a huge tax write off.

Weer'd Beard said...

And that's nation wide...they don't even account for the "Don't have time to stop for coffee today/made my own at home today" fluctuations of regulars.

As for who's paying the ad bill...duh the Brady Campaign! Their members are all Brady/MMM directors.

Knowing what we do it would be foolish to assume its a separate group.

Also given how MAIG is run by so many Brady shills, I bet the Time Square and Las Vegas ads were footed by Bloomberg

ddbaxte said...

Interesting, according to the event page, the boycott is being organized by a group called "Fellowship of Reconciliation" Never heard of them before, but their likes outnumber the NGVAC's over 10:1.

It's funny, and confirms my suspicions beforehand, how a majority of people posting on the boycott event page had long ago decided not to patronize Starbucks. The amount of "well, I would never drink Starbucks anyways, but I support you" comments are plentiful.

Pyrotek85 said...


And then there are people like me who don't normally go to Starbucks but are planning to for the buycott.

greenmeanie said...

The group behind the boycott, Fellowship of Reconciliation, posted this link on the NGVAC FB page and they seem to support it:

VERY enlightening.

Anonymous said...

A couple of ideas regarding 2-14

1) Tip the Starbucks employee with a $2.00 bill. ID yourself as a gunowner and thank them and Starbucks for staying out of this issue and just following state law. This just might help turn a few neutral employees toward our side, not needed in some areas but is needed in others.
2) Starbucks giftcards do not expire so I plan to stock up on them for use as birthday,Christmas, and thank you presents.


TL671 said...

I knew that, but I was thinking more about who is ultimately paying the bills, unless the brady bunch is printing their own money. I believe it goes something like, ngvac, brady bunch, joyce foundation, george soros. All, by the way left uncapitalized purposely.

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

I think MAIG is behind them.

Just got that vibe.

Also curious to see how they slam Obama, in the same why as MAIG, as a doing nothing who won't stand up to the NRA boogeyman who drinks the blood of unborn children.

Chuck Kuecker said...

I've never been to a Starbucks before. On Valentine's day, I'll go to the Beloit store with my wife - and my gun.

Good idea about the $2 tip. Those bills are rare enough that you will be especially remembered by the clerk - and they will tell others.

AuricTech said...

After looking at the Starbucks store locator for my area, I have four nearby locations to visit on 14 February 2012. I don't drink coffee (I had to get a no-coffee waiver to be promoted to SFC/E7, and trying to become a warrant officer was out of the question), but I'll buy something from all four local Starbucks locations, in support of this buycott.

FatWhiteMan said...

I have a 40 mile drive to the closest Starbucks. I'll be taking 1/2 a day off on the 14th to make the trip.

Firedeacon said...

The LED screen is on the Thomson-Reuters building at 3 Times Square. It is controlled by PR Newswire. If you buy a membership you can do a "launch" of a campaign with a press release with photo and the photo and text will appear on that screen. I asked ballpark what that would cost and they said $1500.