Friday, September 9, 2011

PR Word Games from Cliff Schecter

Cliff Schecter is a 'strategist' for Bloomberg's MAIG (which has a higher conviction rate than CCW holders). He's another one of those pundits that wants to eliminate due process and keep CCW laws as limited as possible.

We've tangled w/ this twit before.

He knows he can't defend the fact that MAIG wants to ban private sales and litigate dealers out of business thereby no legal sales can be conducted, that they want to pass laws eliminating due process, etc. so he, as usual, ignores those points and jumps on the one thing he thinks he can attack:
Simply not true. MAIG doens't take a position on semi-autos. Prove to me where they do
OK. They don't have an 'official' position on their website. Here's what their founder has to say on them:
The Mayor was quite blunt in his criticism of the sale of automatic assault rifles. "No rational person thinks you should be able to sell a rifle that's advertising as able to bring down a commercial airliner," he said at Monday's press conference. "Nobody thinks we should be selling armor-piercing bullets -- you don't need that if you're hunting deer or elk."
And from the MAIG push-poll:
A federal law making it illegal to manufacture, sell, or possess semi-automatic weapons, sometimes known as “assault rifles.”
And funding comes from the Joyce Foundation.

So their founder and leader wants them banned to the point of hysterics. They use wording to try and create opinions against them and they get hundreds of thousands of dollars from a foundation that spends MILLIONS to try and ban them.

But they don't have a position on them. Really they don't.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Kinda funny that they have such wide-reaching support for their cause, but they won't even admit to what their cause IS.

They'll always backpedal on things they said in the past, and if they say they are not anti-gun and just want "reasonable Laws", just ask them what an "unreasonable law" is. That's why they moderate comments, and ignore questions!

Sigivald said...

That's an interesting question that quote brings up.

Did any gun manufacturer ever "advertise" that their gun could shoot down a commercial airline?

Or was he simply lying about that, too?

(I vaguely remember some hysteria around ".50s can shoot down airplanes"!!!, but I know that Barrett (eg.) would never advertise "our guns can shoot down airliners", both because it's not practically true, and because their market isn't criminals.)

Weer'd Beard said...

Sigivald, if I have it correct Ron Barret Built the M82 series of rifles for 1,000 yard shooting competitions when he fell in love with the ballistics of the .50 BMG. The Military got wind of the gun and started pitching it as a counter-sniper, and anti-material rifle. One of the cited uses was that a sniper team could set up a long distance from an enemy airfield and send rounds through the engines and other mechanical components of various aircraft while they sat on the ground...hence crippling the airfield.

I think this was where the "Shoot down aircraft" nonsense came from.

Certainly never appeared in any of Barret's commercial endeavors, it might have been in a military pamphlet or two, and probably all of those were written by military brass hot-shots, and not Barret.