Sunday, October 23, 2011

@CSGV Defends Violent Criminals

No mention that this poor defenseless 'purse snatcher'(a habitual criminal) violently beat (with a gun) the woman he stole from. Instead, the CSGV lambasts the person who protected her and society, calling it an 'execution'. Another 'victim of gun violence'.

To them it's better that she be robbed an beaten than defend herself (or be defended with) a gun. Are there any depths these people won't go to to try and demonize firearm owners?

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kaveman said...

The CSGV is our biggest ally.

They do more to help us than hurt us.

Please support them "money-free" to continue doing what they do.

Weer'd Beard said...

I would say the guy kinda toed the line between lawful self defense and vigilantism. We can argue if his actions were legal or not...what we can't argue is that the world is better without this vermin around, and better that other vermin are hearing about this.

Robert Fowler said...

He was turning his life around, He went to church and was a good father. And some whack job with a gun executed him for no reason.

Is that about right. Here in Iowa we call that the Byrd effect. A guy named Byrd had a gun in a bar parking lot and a cop took him out. The next day his relatives were commenting in the paper about what a fine human being he was. Even though his criminal record was there for everyone to see. So one of the commentators started calling all the similar posts the Byrd Effect. We would try and guess how long it would be before it kicked in.

The Mn. guy got what he deserved. I have no use for someone that would hit a woman. Let alone pistol whip and rob one.

Thirdpower said...

Same in Chicago. It's always "He was a good boy/honor student" who was only going out at 2am to get milk for his grandma.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

And how will CSGV handle it when they find out that the only reason the concealed carrier shot was because the robber attacked him.

We are all going to have a good laugh at them when the Grand Jury no bills the good samaritan, but that won't stop him from getting stuck on the "Concealed Carry Killers!!!111Eleventy!" list.

Braden Lynch said...

How do they KNOW that it was an execution? Did they use a mystic or a Ouija board to contact the dead bad guy?

All that I have heard is that the purse thief was pursued and that the Good Samaritan claims that the bad guy threatened and/or attacked him, justifying the use of lethal force in response.

We don't know if his claims are true. We also don't know if his claims are false. At least not yet, depending on review of any evidence that might determine it.

So, the CSGV is full of the stuff that comes out of the rear end of a horse after a good grazing. So, yes, they are the best advertising for gun rights that I can think of.

Dannytheman said...

It was a good shoot!!

Linoge said...

I cannot say as though I will ever understand the mentality that gives the person engaged in illegal, illicit, and immoral activity the benefit of the doubt.

I think it is just as well that way, actually.