Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Waiting For the Non-Event in Wisconsin

So today's the first day of legal CCW in Wisconsin. As usual, it has been proceeded by much wailing and gnashing of teeth over 'blood in the streets' and 'Wild West Shootouts' even though it hasn't happened ANYWHERE else. One MIAG mayor even proclaimed that it would increase smuggling.

Maybe in a few years Josh Sugarmann might find an incident or two to add to his list.

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Molon Labe said...

Think on the bright side....with all that Dangerous Crossfire!(tm) around now, they won't have to import swiss cheese. They can make their own.

Cheddar now has competition.

Dannytheman said...

I mean it is in the middle of winter there. August 30th to June 1st is winter! Maybe when people thaw, I mean head, back out?

Increase smuggling. Sometimes I love ignorant people, and we keep on electing many of them!

chiefjaybob said...

You really need to check out this Chicago Tribune article. The article itself has only a mild, typical media bias. The comments are where the gold is; I got through one page before the migraine started. As an aside, there is a comment in the article about Catholic churches urging CC'ers not to carry in church. The whole, "sign of reverence," thing. Pardon me, Bishop, but f--- you. There have been too many church shootings for me to be defenseless." Ass.