Saturday, October 15, 2011

They 'Stand w/ the 99%' While Their Parents Pay the Bills

Some rich 20-somethings decide to be all touchy-feely and politically correct. They make up signs saying they 'stand w/ the 99%'. All the while collecting trust fund money and/or working for mega-corporations.

They all seem to feel 'guilty' about having money and want to be 'forced' to pay more but none of them seem to be giving up their trust funds or allowances to live like the 'little people' they admire. All the while their parents ,most of whom busted their butts working, keep paying the bills and making sure they 'never want for anything'.

Here's my message to them. When you decide to give up that money, the cushy lifestyle, the cars, et al. VOLUNTARILY, then I'll believe you 'stand w/ the 99%'.

We all know the likelyhood of that happening, don't we?

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