Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Rantings & Ravings of Father 'Snuffy' Pfleger

These are FB comments by him, the same religious figure that stated that firearm dealers should be dragged out into the street and 'snuffed':
3 KILLED and 17 INJURED in overnight SHOOTINGS! 9 of them were TEENS! Stats say the Black Population in Chicago keeps dropping.... They say it's because of the move to the Suburbs, maybe it's also because of the Genocide of our CHILDREN! Who would have thought we would live in a day when our children have become Disposable!! Guns are for COWARDS!!!

Don't fall for the trick! The Republicans will never let Herman Cain become their Candidate. They will use him to try and pull some Black voters in and them tell him to step aside for their guy! They Hate Obama and would never let the race be between two Black Candidates! Last night they showed they would rather let jobs fail than have Obama get a success. The Tea Party is nothing but a Small bunch of Loud Mouth, Well Funded individuals that are fueling Racism and desire to take us back to 1950. but they are clever... BEWARE

The NRA, Cocealed carryfolks and Rights of the unborn, have chosen to send out info as to"Is Father Michael Pfleger fit for Ministry" because of my comments in Church and FB. Just so you know I STAND BY ALL I HAVE SAID and will continue to FIGHT AGAINST EASY ACCESS TO GUNS and the NRA attempt to make guns part of AMERICAs Wardrobe! Finally I am against ABORTION But want the RIGHT to LIFE Movements to care as much about our children after their BORN
These are the kinds of disjointed ramblings one would expect from some frothing at the mouth street preacher, not the head of an established church.

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Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Man--the guy is so close to illiterate that it gives me a headache to read his drivel:

. . . there [sic] next victoms [sic] blood is on you [sic] hands!

greenmeanie said...

The absolute lack of correct puntuation and this:

"children after their (sic) BORN"

Everyone makes mistakes when writing but OMFG at least make an effort!!

Anonymous said...

I think he must have flipped a coin on each word. Heads it's ALL CAPS, tails it's lower case, and if it lands on its side he spells it correctly.

Bryan Reavis said...

Actually this is the kind of thing I expect from monothiest religious leaders. Ususally it's slightly more urbane and slightly less disjointed, but the message is effectively the same.