Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm an 'Apologist' Butt...

It's really funny watching people try and deflect from the blatant incompetence (at best) of Fast&Furious. Just like when gun owners try to throw others under the bus w/ the stock expression "I'm a gun owner but..." and then go on to support firearm restrictions, you'll see, rarely w/o an exception, apologists for the current administration add a disclaimer to their columns before attacking Republicans for DARING to go after Holder et al for allowing thousands of firearms to be smuggled into Mexico.

Just like these:
There is no question that the program was botched — Eric Holder has called it seriously flawed and immediately established a DOJ inspector general investigation. But the Republican haste to blame it all on Holder and accuse him of lying to Congress — even calling for a special prosecutor — seems to me to be way over the top.
Again, there’s no question that Fast and Furious represents a serious failure of federal law enforcement, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone if those responsible for that failure were less than eager to inform superiors in Washington about their mistakes. However, the inspector general’s investigation and the investigation by Issa’s committee should help lay out exactly what happened.
Read the columns. They bring out every excuse and character attack in the book why this Administration shouldn't be held accountable. "Conspiracy Theory", 'Bush Did It", Holder's a Busy Man', etc.

We should make a checklist.

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deadcenter said...

Maybe someone more creative than me could come up with a Coverup Bingo game like Buzzword Bingo.

greenmeanie said...

Then there is the ever popular "I used to shoot a 22 with my dad when I was a kid...."

Archer said...

That was my idea, too! "Buzzphrase Bingo." Black-out, FTW!