Sunday, October 9, 2011

Corrupted By American Guns

Remember that all those problems in Mexico are caused by the US:

Mexico city's police force held for investigation
The detention of more than 100 officers comes after a rise in kidnapping and extortion in the area. A series of investigations in other towns already has put hundreds of officers in custody.
All taken over by the mind control chips installed in all firearms turning your average law abiding citizen into a raving mass murder and criminal.

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Groundhog said...

Holy crap Bat Man! And all this time I've been carrying one of those eeeebil things! I wonder what it's made me do when I'm blacked out...

Jay21 said...

Living so close, and spending time directly "on the boarder", if it wasn't so deadly it would be comical.
NSFW-VERY Graphic....

coming to a neighborhood near me, oh wait i used to live down the way from vic #2.......most secure :(

Anonymous said...

Mexico just uses U.S. guns as an excuse. It allows them to avoid answering to U.S. politicians for supplying drugs to the U.S. It is all politics.