Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Television Stereotypes: Gotta Love 'Em

Watching Frasier reruns the other night and I came across this: Niles learning how to shoot a gun and loving it.

Later he's talking to Frasier about how much he enjoys it and why. That's when the fun begins:

"Trigger happy gun nuts" and "Squaredancing". Ah, is that the call of the 'enlightened' I hear? Sounds awfully familiar to the statements made by our current executive about all those 'Bitter-Clingers' out there.

And then comes the 'reality', right out of the Joyce Foundation/EIC playbook.

All serious gun owners are militia wackos planning for the overthrow of the Gov't who follow the 'True Constitution'. I love that bit.

'Progressive Media' in a nutshell (even though I do like the show).

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Anonymous said...

Who wants to overthrow the government? Many would just like to see our rights honored and respected.

Weer'd Beard said...

But its OK when Occupy Wallstreet wants it!

So glad these days have slipped from their fingers.