Friday, May 20, 2011

The most dangerous game

Anybody familiar with my online persona knows I’m about as serious as a whoopee cushion covered in fake plastic vomit.

That’s not to say that I shouldn’t be taken seriously; just that my sense of humor and logic are often blurred beyond distinction. I also have the nasty habit of engaging in “the art of meeting strength.”

The concept is quite old relating to Martial Arts.

Identify your opponent’s weaknesses and exploit them. Then identify your opponent’s strengths and find a way to transform them INTO a weakness which you can exploit.

Which brings me to these two consecutive comments over on weerd’s blog concerning the threatened outing of japete’s home address

“I wouldn’t do it either, but this was PERFECTLY played. Assuming they tried posting the info there, they KNEW she would moderate it so she’d block it. They KNEW that she can’t keep her mouth shut so she’d look like the fool for calling shenanigans. At the WORST, they would have called her out for not allowing the comment with her info on it.”-Tango

“That would be my guess. I haven’t heard peep from any of the pro-gun sites I read about her info being posted, so I bet whoever did it ONLY posted it there where Joan would be the only other party to see it.
Making it a classy way to turn up the heat…and the irony!”-
Weerd Beard

This is a chess match being played between a Romulan and a Ferengie.

Whoever spent 2 minutes looking up her address and then commented on her blog, knew what the outcome would be. She only had two choices.

1. Cry foul and expose herself as the hypocrite she is for supporting CSGV for doing the exact same thing.
2. Totally ignore the comment and allow the memory hole to slowly eat away at her soul.

If I position my Knight correctly, I will take either your Rook or your Bishop. Try all you want, but you only have two choices…lose this or lose that and wait for my next move.

As an added bonus, the commenters who actually make it past her moderation predictably admonished the tactic and shamed this individual for taking the "low road." This compelled japete to publically thank those who oppose her and form a bond which did not previously exist. This result of her seeking solice with those who vehemently oppose her policies, will give her some pause when responding to those very people who do have their comments published.

Japete believes her moderation queue is a strength. Looks like somebody figured out a way to turn it into a weakness.

Did I ever mention how much I love chess?

UPDATE: It appears that japete is kinda sorta maybe rethinking the wisdom of "outing" people.

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TS said...

I love the chess analogy of a well played Knight. "You just got forked!"

This is my unpublished response that I left on her site:

Japete: “Recently a gun control organization posted some of the real names of the gun rights activists hiding using screen names and anonymous postings. This was done because of many of the ugly verbal attacks made recently against victims and gun control advocates.”

And did it turn out that those ugly attacks were made by the people who were “outed”? They “outed” Sebastian. You and I both know he doesn’t make ugly attacks. Am I not safe from this kind of treatment either?

Linoge said...


Well played... very well played...

And, unfortunately, she only seems to be rethinking "outing" insofar as it is affecting her... "outing" us "meanies" is still quite on the table.