Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I've come to the realization that we're doomed as an independent nation and the new 'Red Dawn' movie won't be fiction for much longer.

So I've bowed to the inevitable and signed on to the People's Liberation Army - American Loyalist Brigade (PLA-ALB) and have been issued uniform and firearm.

Guess Ladd was right. I really am a traitor. Vichy all the way.

Chinese Tibetan Mountain Camo and a Norinco SKS. The Blouse, Pants and Boonie came from a company called AirsoftPark out of China. Prices were decent along w/ quality. Customer service was excellent. You need to be able to convert to Asian sizes though. The blouse was the same as was offered through SG recently. The ballcap isn't worth the money. Instead I got actual Chinese military issue ones through SG which fit perfectly.

The PLA patch was very poorly attached but some Fabri-tac fixed that. There was also a bit of spelling fail:

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John Richardson said...

That PLA Tibetan camo is pretty cool. I think it actually might work as a winter hardwood forest hunting camo.

Of course, Ladd is going to accuse you of being an insurrectionist. Maybe not though as he is a proto-Commie at heart.

Stephen said...

I'm afraid your analysis is right. Our last President worked with the Navy to destroy two of our greatest landmarks (for reasons I've never really understood) and the current president is a Kenyan born communist. It is inevitable indeed.

I will join you, comrade, for if we cannot be free men striving to be bourgeoisie ... at least we can be elite class leaders of the proletariat fools.

Molon Labe said...

Somewhere out there, in a land far far away, Josh Horwitz and Ladd Everitt have just wet themselves at the opportunity to take a break from his busy day to link to DOOT, as concrete "evidence" that his insurrectionist theory has just been validated!

You should've thrown a bunch of cabbage patch dolls on the floor around your feet with a few gallons of Heinz Ketchup for effect though.....