Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chess for dummies

I often have the feeling that this is a gun blog, which is fine, I mean, whatever and such. But as long as Thirdpower remains oblivious to the fact that I’ve hacked into the back door, I’m going to experiment with other subject matters.

This evening it was a toss up between the game of chess and the optimum temperature for various cheeses. I briefly considered “101 uses for toe jam” but that’s just silly. Everybody knows there’s only one; sprinkling it on top of your dogs’ food as a special treat for being “a goo’ boy.”

The objective is simple; capture your opponents’ King.
The execution of this goal depends upon the skill of your opponent, how you choose to play your pieces and damn good planning. Thinking 2 moves ahead may be fine for playing against your nephew who just stopped eating his boogers because “it’s not really cool.”

When matched with a worthy opponent, it’s best to go all Romulan on their ass with the greed of a Ferengie and the brute force of a Klingon.

Switching to pro-gunners verses the antis, we swap the Romulans with their Vulcan cousins, the Ferengies’ lust for wealth with the desire for Freedom and…well…we pretty much keep the Klingons as they are, but a tad bit in the background. Still visible for all to see, they wear honor and glory for all to witness.

I’ve heard that the pro-gunners have had some recent successes. Washington DC, Chi-town, National Parks and Starbucks.

I asked myself why?

Why haven’t our opponents been able to make any inroads with the Light-Bringer in office, Eric Holder as his bitch and Joe fricking Biden at his side.

Chess……………………………played in earnest.

The antis have the House, the Senate, the White House and the MSM…………..why aren’t we losing?


Pro-gunners have long been described as pawns of the “gun lobby.” Just as we have embraced the insult of “gun nuts,” so too shall we embrace this concept.

We are pawns. Millions upon millions of pawns.

The antis have clear targets…….Soros, Peters, Joyce. Power flows from a limited number of spickets.

A few Multi-billionaires willing to fall on their swords can not match millions willing to oppose them.

Each pawn that crosses the divide can become a queen for freedom. But none can become a King. Removing this piece from the battle ensures victory, for noone can defeat something which is not there.

Individually, we are small pathetic creatures. En masse, we can swarm.

We are pawns…………..embrace it.

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Anonymous said...

To extent the analogy, we all have the potential to become rooks.

I'm sure the Brady campaign would like a time machine, to go back and deny Alan Gura admission to Georgetown Law (lefty bastion that it is), or to have screwed him on the California bar exam.

We can all decide to devote time, money, energy helping defeat bad laws and bad officials. We can teach people about guns in ways that the anti-gun crowd simply can't. "The truth will set us free."

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