Thursday, May 19, 2011

(More) Hypocrisy from Gun Control Advocates

When the CSGV started 'outing' bloggers, Brady Campaign board member Joan Peterson though it was a wonderful idea and encouraged them to continue.
"Thanks for the name. We need to keep track of these folks."
Then they expanded their efforts up to and including city/state of residence and work places (which resulted in their suspension from Twitter and lots of lying). She retweeted nearly every single one.

Well someone has allegedly threatened to do the same to her and she doesn't like it.

The most ironic statement from her:
What are your intentions with such information? Mere intimidation or do you mean some sort of dangerous action?
Well we asked the same thing of the CSGV when they started and were told we were going to be held 'accountable' for our words.

She retweeted those as well.

H/T to Weer'd Beard

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DirtCrashr said...

The Retard is strong with that one!

Chas said...

Totalitarianism is a one way street.