Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ladd "2A Nonsense" Everitt is a goldmine for the Anti-gun mindset.
@TrailerDays What rights spelled out by James Madison are you referring to , anti-government militia guy? Still waiting... #politics #p2

@CSGV : See? I've spelled it out. Calling for denial of free speech, secret watchlists, denial of due process. CSGV endorsed.

@TrailerDays You'd be a good sub for Glenn Beck, but you wouldn't know James Madison from Charlie Sheen.
The CSGV calls for people who speak out against gov't abuse to be imprisoned, considers the 2A 'nonsense, and actively endorses denial of due process due to secret gov't 'watchlists'. They know it which is why Ladd responds w/ childish insults and denials. Just like when he tried to claim that the CSGV wasn't part of IANSA and his denials over his use of his boss' login, outing himself as a sockpuppet.

Proof they're living in denial.
@TrailerDays I guess a photo like that is great when you have no polling data on your side. Even gun owners aren't with you.
Look at the photo for a laugh as to their response.

So many more . A further Look into the mind of a Gun Control Fanatic.
@wotc_linoge You probably want to revisit your recent comments in support of shooting gov't officials in response to local corruption.

@wotc_linoge Sure you are. You try to justify your right to shoot and kill government officials incessantly.

@TrailerDays @k0diak314 Oathkeepers are modern equivalent of Shays' Rebels, individuals why fancy themselves about Const. and rule of law.

@TrailerDays @k0diak314 Add "conspiracy theorist" to outlier, insurrectionist, and traitor

@TrailerDays @k0diak314 You're sad, an anarchist outlier, the type who was totally ignored during the debate on our Constitution.

@TrailerDays @k0diak314 You're no more fit to lecture people about the Constitution than Timothy McVeigh was

@TrailerDays @k0diak314 You're a paranoid extremist who arms himself against our gov't. That's what's truly telling.

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Linoge said...

You just have to love that they have absolutely no problems with government "deputies" shooting a black man to keep him from voting.

Of course, these are the same people who believe all of a person's rights should be abridged just because their name is on a secret, unvetted governmental list. Talk about "whacked"...

Thirdpower said...

And they always try and change the subject when that's brought up.

Ken said...

Would it be possible to sue Miss Everett for slander? When she calls someone a traitor, that is an outright lie.