Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Clueless Wonders.

On the proposed IL CCW law:
"Common sense tells us that fender benders could turn into a shootout," said former Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine.
Which is why it's a regular occurrence in the other 48 states that have it, right? Oh wait. No. It's not.
"I think it's very offensive and very misleading when people say kids carrying guns on campus will save lives. That's not the case," said Mace.
I think it's very offensive and very misleading when you make completely fabricated claims w/o knowing what you're talking about.

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Divemedic said...

"I think it's very offensive and very misleading when people say kids carrying guns on campus will save lives. That's not the case," said Mace.

I think it is very misleading to state the people on a college campus are kids. I am a college student, and I am 42 years old. The professors are all older, and any student with a CCW would be over 21.

BigHayden said...

48 states? You might want to research that a little more. While NJ has a PTC (Permit To Carry) law on the books, out of >8,000,000, only ~1,000 have PTCs, and most of those are armored car personnel and private security (body guards). NJ requires you to provide "justifiable need" to grant a PTC.

Here is the story of Jeffrey Muller, who has been denied a PTC for lack of "justifiable need".

After you read that you will stop putting NJ in the list of states that allow CCW. We in NJ have the same chance you do in IL for getting a permit to carry.

BTW, SAF is funding a lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Muller entitled "Muller et. al. vs. Maenza et. al." The case is before the US district court and a decision is expected in September.

Thomas said...

don't forget MD try getting a permit there..... good luck with that....

chiefjaybob said...

I was at NIU in the aftermath of the shooting. Does that make me an expert, too?

Say what you want about how hard it is to get a permit in NJ and MD, it's still POSSIBLE (even if remotely so). Here, carrying by us unwashed masses is just plain not even possible. Which is to say, it doesn't happen. All the shootings you hear about in Chicago, East St. Louis, Cicero, Aurora, Elgin, Peoria, and Maywood all happen in someboy's home. Right....?

Dannytheman said...

How many times through how many States do these idiots say the same thing?? It never happens and they end up looking like an ass!

The Warrior said...


Anonymous said...

Just wondering. Does concealed carry cause a person to lose self-control? Or is it that people cannot control themselves so they are not to be trusted with guns?

It seems there is no proof of the former and such an assumption is only true to the extent one is willing to accept the bias on which it is based. Consequently, this is an abstract argument and unrealistic.

In fact, the opposite might be true. Wouldn't those carrying concealed exercise more caution in dealing with others so as to avoid legal repercussions?

Now, if the latter is true, why don't fender-benders lead to vehicular homicides?

After all, common sense dictates that a person lacking the self-control to the point they become sufficiently enraged so as to shoot another over a trivial matter such as banging-up a twenty-year old Chevy would be just as likely to use his car and mow over the poor sap who scratched his fender even if he did not carry concealed.

Another thing, do laws prohibiting concealed carry deter those most likely to commit such heinous acts as described from sticking a GLOCK down their britches when they leave the house? Oh no, I can't commit mass murder at the shopping center today because it is unlawful to carry concealed.

Perhaps fender-benders leave those advocating gun-control in such a state as they fear succumbing to homicidal impulses that ordinary people do not.

All-in-all, the logic of those advocating 2nd Amendment restrictions confuse me. Most seem to suffer from delusional thinking, almost bordering on psychosis. Such people are frightening. Thank God for Smith & Wesson.

P.S. I love this blog.

Anonymous said...

Technically, carrying a gun never saves a life, it just prolongs it. Everybody dies eventually(with notably exceptions, if you are a Christian).