Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stick House

My buddy and I recently went camping in his Stick House. Basically, he bought 2 acres of land out in the middle of nowhere bordering a creek and built a small 2-story tree fort. Front porch, back porch, wood stove, pantry, bedrooms and a living room with a deluxe propane kitchen. You’d never know you were in a tree fort if it weren’t for the large fir tree running up through the center of it. Oh, and it also has a wood-stove fired hot tub. There’s something quite special about being in the middle of the woods in a hot tub, with a beer in your hands, while it’s snowing, with a good buddy. He and his wife are my best friends on this blue and green marble.

We talk guns, religion, philosophy and basically everything else that is supposed to be taboo for the work place.

This time the conversation coalesced around why there are only 4.3 million NRA members.

1. There are gun owners who will financially support the NRA, GOA, CCRKBA, SAS, SAF, and local groups like OFF(Oregon Firearms Federation).
2.There are gun owners who support the goals of these groups but aren’t willing to open their check books. Hell, there are even non gun owners who support the same goals and won’t give monetary support.
3. There are Fudds who think their guns will never be targeted by the antis even though they already have been.
4. There are gun owners who refuse to join the NRA because they don’t want to be “on a list.”
5. Sadly, there are some gun owners who feel that gun control and confiscation is inevitable and that preparing for a hot war is the only option to fighting a cold war of ideas and working within the system of the ballot box.

That last one disturbs me on many levels.

People who are not willing to fight for their Rights in the political arena when the benefits are high and the risks are low, are not someone I want in my fox hole, should we find ourselves in America’s 2nd Civil War.

Truth be told, people who aren’t willing to fight for their Rights when it’s easy, won’t fight for them when it is hard.

That’s just common sense.

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drjim said...

Good point. I never thought of it that way....

Guffaw in AZ said...

Dr. Franklin comes to mind. Something about hanging together or separately.

alcade said...

I brought up the last type of people at my first Appleseed. Someone pointed out that if you've ever filled out a 4473, you're on a list, so you may as well be one the "right" lists.

I was thinking of some of my friends who think that way. I have a relative who owns 120 firearms and estimates his ammo cache at 250,000 rds. This past Christmas I bought him an NRA membership, but it astounded me that I had to. He should already be a life member. I'm sure everyone has friends and relatives who fit the bill. "They'll never find my guns."

Well prick, make sure they never come looking in the first place.

Groundhog said...

"Truth be told, people who aren’t willing to fight for their Rights when it’s easy, won’t fight for them when it is hard."

A sad 'Amen' to that brother...