Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who Needs Validation Again?

A VPC Tweet:
Desperate for validation, NRA promotes eight "celebrity hunters." You decide.
Really. 8 people who have some influence in pop culture hunt and the NRA thinks that's something people would like to know about. The VPC considers that 'Desperate for validation'. Ignoring the fact the NRA has about 4 million members while they survive by sucking on the teat of the Joyce Foundation.

We know who's 'desperate'.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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George said...

VPC followers: 333

NRA news followers: 21,477

Who's desperate for attention?

Linoge said...

Seriously, who gives a flying squirrel's left testicle what "celebrities" do or do not support? They are not necessarily any more educated or intelligent than anyone else, and while it is certainly interesting to see what they do with their bounteous amounts of money, only a halfwitted moron who has no capacity for independent thought would unquestioningly use their actions as a guide for their own.

Then again, "a halfwitted moron who has no capacity for independent thought" adequately describes the VPC's member (singular used intentionally), so go figure.