Monday, December 27, 2010

After Holiday Sale!!!

For the next several weeks (until Jan 15th) all DOOTwear patches and pins are on sale for $3 each which includes S/H and any PP fees. The Tan UMPC and UM Marksman Patches are in short supply so get yours while they last.

FULL COLOR (Patches and Stickers)

TAN SUBDUED (Patches (only a few left) and Stickers)

GREEN SUBDUED (Patches, Stickers, and Lapel Pins)

To complement the UMPC gear, Days of Our Trailers also has Unorganized Militia INFANTRY, MARKSMAN, SNIPER, and SIGNAL CORPS patches in Subdued Green.

(Patch Only at this time)

(Patch Only at this time) Only a few left

(Patch only at this time)

(Patch only at this time)

Also available is the "Time's Up" patch based on a design Kent McManigal.
(Patch Only at this time)

Paypal, Check, or MO accepted. To purchase using PayPal use:

thirdpower at hotmail dot com

Or you can send a check or MO to:

Roy Kubicek
PO Box 184
Ashmore, IL 61912

Make sure to include a detailed list of the items you want and a way to contact you in case of a discrepancy.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

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