Friday, December 31, 2010

Days of Our Trailers: 2010 Year in Review

Blog stats for the year 2010:

Page LoadsUnique VisitorsFirst Time VisitorsReturning Visitors

Overall readership dropped this year about 6% but returning visitors increased by about 15% so I have more regular readers than before. I've been posting less so the overall drop is not entirely surprising. Since I've started this blog back in '07, DOOT has had over 530,000 hits w/ 400,000 visitors. Not bad.

Most viewed pages for 2010:

10)VPC Misquotes... Shock 1032 views
9)What's under your tree? 1091 views
8)More Shallow Grassroots 1211 views
7)The Modern Militia: Equipment I, The Uniform 1358 views
6)Being one with Nature... 1381 views
5)The Modern Militia: Vehicles 1397 views
4)Executive Level PuSH'er Troll? You Make the Call. 1580 views
3)The Modern Militia: Firearms 1759 views
2)Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps 4328 views

And the #1 viewed page on Days of Our Trailers for 2010 in a repeat:

1) Unorganized Militia Gear 6570 views

Top Ten referrers :

10) War on Guns 1375 visitors
9) Breda Fallacy 1565 visitors
8) Sharp as a Marble 2101 visitors
7) 2160 visitors
6) Networked blogs (Facebook) 3298 visitors
5) The Liberty Sphere 3482 visitors
3&4) Google w. 9629 visitors

Sebastian and Bitter held their place at #2 for referrals.

2) Snowflakes in Hell 14,203 visitors

And w/ no real surprise, the #1 referrer to this site continued to be:

1) SayUncle w/ a whopping 22,769 visitors

Another eventful year. Two of the top 10 posts were written by my co-blogger Kaveman. McDonald v DC was a victory for firearm rights. The 'Gun Guys' and the front group AHSA have gone the way of the Dodo while numerous Joyce Foundation puppet groups were forced to merge to stay functional. King Dick is retiring and the elections foretell an overall plus for firearm rights.

I wasn't able to make it to the NRA convention this year but instead focused my attentions on Illinois related issues including IGOLD, the ISRA annual meeting, and an Appleseed Workshop where I got to chat w/ old friends and made some more. Introduced numerous family members and friends to the joys of shooting as well as just had some fun.

Looking forward to another year.

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Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

You do good, valuable work here, and I'm proud to call you a friend.

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