Monday, December 27, 2010

Taxing Public Officials

The cost of security for Chicago officials is estimated at over 4 1/2 million per year and there's talk of giving Daley a permanent detail, just like a president. Including Cook County officials increases the tally even more.

All the while these same officials do everything in their power, including spending millions more tax dollars in legal fees, to keep the rest of the citizenry disarmed and defenseless.

Private security for the rich and well connected face taxes, why shouldn't these? Why should elected public officials have privileges the 'common man' are unable by law to procure ? Is this a nation of laws or men?

The ISRA agrees.

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FightinBluHen51 said...'s a novel idea! ALLOW CARRY! Then politicians would be responsible for their own protection. Hell give them a gun tax credit or something!

Thirdpower said...

They don't see it that way. They see it as they are superior to their subjects and have every right to have tax payer funded protection.

We need to hurt them where they'll really feel it, their pocketbooks.