Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's under your tree?

Both Thirdpower and I have touched on the cultural difference between “us and them.”

We have an entire industry of gun ranges, gun stores, gun conventions, competition matches, advanced tactics training and an accessory list which seems endless when you compare what you want to what you can reasonably afford. Holsters, cleaning supplies, safes, zombie targets, scopes, slings and who can forget the ammo. Long story short, our “hobby” is certainly not cheap and the taxes we pay on guns and ammo help to preserve our wide open spaces we all cherish. Take a look inside your range bag and your cleaning kit(s) and count out how many of those items are made in the USA.

We support an entire industry.

The anti-gunner will read that and scream, “See! See! I’ve always said you gunloons only care about gun profits…………..and you have a tiny wiener!

Blind rage is just that…blind rage.

We support an industry that makes products(made in America) that we want to buy. That’s just common sense.

So, while I was out today doing some Christmas shopping for my niece and nephew, I was surprised to see that the antis have an impressive train of literature, the genesis of any culture.

Here are a few Holiday gift ideas I came across today which I have labeled, Sad Panda in a Box.


1. “How to rake in a 6-figure salary by blogging twice a month” by Paul Helmke and Dennis Henigan.

2. Followed closely by “How to google your way to financial freedom” by Josh Sugarmann.

3. “How to build a successful grass-roots movement” by Ray Schoenke.

4. “How to influence people and win debates” by Joan Peterson.

5. “Getting a real job is fuckin’ hard” by Colin Goddard.

6. “My brother is dead and so can you” by Bryan Miller.

7. “How to survive prison” by Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

8. “Sock puppets made easy” by Josh Horwitz.

9. “High pitched screeching noises”-audio book by Abby Spangler

10. “Understanding the new media” by Andrew Traver.

Stay tuned for what I finally decided to get my niece and nephew for Christmas.

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Cemetery's Gun Blob said...


45superman said...

Beer-out-the-nose hurts, damn it, Kaveman.

Warn a guy next time.

kaveman said...

Ouch, that's the 3rd time I've been asked to post an alert before posting something funny.

Tell ya what...

I've asked Thirdpower to replace my ruined computer chair twice because he forced me to shart upon it.

When he sends me a new chair free from fecal explosions, I'll start telling you to put your beer down before reading further.

Weer'd Beard said...

“How to influence people and win debates” by Joan Peterson.

How many pages is that one?

If you make the type 50 point, maybe 2 single-sided...

120 pages if you let her write a forward about how her sister was killed by a mentally ill criminal who skirted the system because of money and influence....so if we just ban private sales and "assault weapons" she'd be alive today!

LOL tastic

SpeakerTweaker said...

6. “My brother is dead and so can you” by Bryan Miller.

Pure comedy gold, right there.


Tango said...

OMG! The Colin Goddard book has my crying right now! Incredible list.

45superman said...

I was (barely) holding it together (beer-through-the-nose notwithstanding) until I got to Abby Spangler's audio book.

I was utterly helpless after that.

Anonymous said...


Now I have to clean my keyboard.

Being from SWVA, I would have to add Dan Casey, were I smart enough to come even close to your level of humor.