Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Plant or Just Dumb as a....

I'm certainly of former Lightbringer COS Rahm Emanual. He opposes due process, is a Brady mouthpiece and a Chicago politician in general.

He is currently being questioned to verify his residency status for his run for Chicago Mayor.

And one of the idiots involved is working hard to hand Rahm as much positive publicity as he can.

During questioning there were multiple outbursts from one objector in the room, Jeffrey Black, shouting, "You're under arrest Mr. Emanuel. You're running out of time. Indict Rahm."

So is this twit really that over the top or is he a plant in order to discredit the entire issue?

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1 comment:

Chas said...

"You're under arrest Mr. Emanuel."

That's funny. I've only ever heard of wacko leftists trying to "arrest" someone for the "crime" of disagreeing with them politically. It seems to be some sort of radical Marxist, "people's justice" thing with the commie libs - it's not something that conservatives would even think of doing.