Saturday, December 18, 2010

'Common Sense'

From our gift that keeps on giving, Japete/Joan Peterson :

"ridiculous" (on the discussion of gun free zones)
"If only there were guns everywhere, those shootings would not occur" (which noone is arguing except her)
"To me that does not matter" (on 'gun free zones' not working)
"They want to think they can save the day and be a hero for doing so" (who? Oh right, gun owners)
"They feel threatened by all of those people just lurking around every corner" (as she posts links to spree killings, ironic no?)
"the argument of the gun guys is moot." (just a blatant dismissal)
"He was exercising his second amendment rights" (by killing police officers)
"meant to deflect the truth" (her truth)
"hide behind the second amendment" (nice showing of true colors there)
"there is absolutely no common sense to the arguments" (more dismissal and demonization)

This is how the mind of gun control leadership works. Ad hominems, outright dismissals, demonizing of gun owners and CCW/open carry advocates in particular, strawmen, etc. It all, though, boils down to this:

"What I wrote is what I feel"

Exactly. Facts don't matter. Evidence doesn't matter (especially if it contradicts her). Reality doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how she 'feels' and we are all nasty monsters who want little children to be shot unless we modify our worldview to fit her 'feelings'.

Guess what? I feel differently.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Also note her "Spree Killings" most have one, or NO people killed. And I suspect she's linking gang violence (prohibited people acquiring guns illegally and using them to conduct unlawful business)

Thank goodness she screens her comment section!

Stan said...
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Stan said...

I'm waiting for her to start shouting INCONCEIVABLE every time he points get refuted.