Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AHSA Bought and Paid For

Remember the American Hunters and Shooters Assoc.? The group we called another Wolf in Sheeps Clothing trying to convince gun owners to support 'reasonable' gun control? Remember how we wondered where all their money was coming from? Remember how they said they were 'non-partisan' but ONLY supported Gun Control supporting Democrats and judges? Before they went offline AFTER the election that is.

Well the truth is out and really comes as no surprise:
The Obama campaign paid for Schoenke's travel to 40 events in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado to address pro-gun voters.
As Kurt Hoffman/45Superman put it when he sent this to me : He was damned near a paid employee of the Obama campaign.

So a guy who gave thousands of dollars to gun control groups, started his own and then supported gun control politicians was paid to do so.


No Lawyers
and SIH has more on this article.

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kaveman said...

So, after the election, Obama didn't need AHSA-holes anymore and cut their funding.

Weer'd Beard said...

And Obama was a Joyce Board member.

In the end every anti-gun group boils down to Joyce or Brady, that's it.

Chas said...

Americans are paying federal taxes out of their unemployment checks so that Obama can send that money overseas to bail out foreign banks. Funding the affluent lifestyles of foreign bankers is more important to Obama than Americans putting food on the table. Oh, and Obama used Ray Schoenke as a hand puppet too. The stench of Obama's rotten anti-Americanism goes way beyond gun rights. He is a one-termer, and the 2012 election is going to be lots of fun making that happen. Obama will be receiving a one-way ticket to exile for eternity in Jimmy Carterville, and that’s never been a good place to spend any amount of time.