Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finding a Middle Ground?

Japete/Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign/Joyce Puppet groups has openly admitted that there are some gun laws on the books that are NOT 'sensible' or 'reasonable':
Gun laws already on the books are, for the most part, sensible and reasonable and found to be legal.
And for the most part I agree. Now we need to get Joan to start discussing which ones she would be willing to have discarded in order to reach a common ground in reducing violence levels while maintaining the rights of the citizenry.

A simple enough question, don't you think? Wouldn't any reasonable person want to talk about such a solution?

One wonders then why she refuses to post my very polite comments asking her.

Oh right. Nevermind.

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Linoge said...

Of course, good Ol' Joan militantly refuses to acknowledge one simple fact: we are already at the "middle ground.

I, and millions of Americans like me, want to be able to engage in commerce between two adult citizens without the government interjecting any and all kinds of regulations, legislations, and limitations at every turn. I, and millions of Americans like me, want to be able to exercise our Constitutionally-protected individual rights to protect our families and ourselves.

On the other side, Joan and her paltry little band of anti-rights nuts want to leave Americans shackled by nonsensical, idiotic laws, defenseless, rights-less, and wholly dependent upon the government for safety and protection. They want to create yet another country of unwilling victims.

Where we are right now is the middle ground - and we are actually skewed towards the anti-rights side of the spectrum, I dare say.

Unfortunately, Joan sees our current positions as starting positions, and is bound and determined to Xeno's paradox us out of existance. Hell with that.

Billll said...

"For the most part" = 10% max

kaveman said...

I asked her if she would be willing to compromise for universal background checks on all gun sales and have a valid CCW permit fulfill the NICS requirement.

She came back with the lame response that only congress can consider that.

Gee, she's never had a problem with expressing her opinion before I asked her a very simple question.

Thirdpower said...

As usual, their idea of 'compromise' is 'why won't you stupid knuckle dragging rednecks just do what we say'?

Billll said...

Hence the origin of the expression "Finding oneself in a compromising position."