Monday, October 25, 2010

So What Have You Done?

I hear lots of complaining over the actions or inactions of the various gun control groups. This ranges from endorsements, litigation, legislation, etc.

While everyone has the right to express their opinion, what have you done to make your opinion actually worth something? Besides sending in your annual check I mean.

How many Representatives/Senators (either state or federal) have you contacted?

How many people have you brought out shooting?

How many have you signed up as members to your preferred organization?

Have you done anything to get the word out to others?

Have you volunteered to help out some pro-firearm activity?

Most people can't spend their entire lives or even the majority of their time advocating for a cause but have you done anything to promote it besides riding the coattails of those who do?

What have you done?

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jinksto said...

I read your blog. Isn't that enough?

Seriously? Just today I offered to teach three new people how to hunt.

This year I've demonstrated my blackpowder rifle for a lot of people. Bought 4 factory new guns (which seems a little self serving but bumps the legal purchase stats that prove we're winning and supports independent dealers). Taught my nephew to hunt. Wrote blog posts that detailed the hunting that I did and why I find it relaxing. Oh, and sent in my yearly checks... both of them. :)

And... I still dont do enough, but I'm glad that you do.

Weer'd Beard said...

Take new people shooting all the time. I'm often talking to people about guns, gun laws, and my general opinion of their effectiveness. (I'm big on this one, as I consider misinformation the BIG reason why I was once anti-gun) Pointed somebody in the direction of my preferred rights organization. (Gun Owner's Action League: GOAL) dunno if he'll sign up. I'm personally a paid life member as of last week, and have signed up more than a few people.

Also I've been the knowledgeable buddy on 3 first-gun purchases, and I hope to be there for many more.

Also after this Election Next week I'll be writing a LOT of letters to the brand-new lawmakers to let them know where I stand on this and other issues.

kaveman said...

Honestly, the most effective method I have found is to come out of the closet as a raging knuckle-dragging gun nut, complete with NRA, GOA, CCRKBA, NAHC decals covering my rear window ...and then be normal and reasonable in all aspects of life.

Some of my co-workers are gun nuts, some are gun owners. Some are neutrals and some are antis.

Not trying to brag but I'm highly respected amongst my peers and management lets me do virtually whatever I want. I don't hide my political beliefs but I do think about packaging.

My manager recently asked me what he should get as a gift for his "gun nut brother-in-law."

We are not fighting a political war as much as we are fighting a cultural war.


The same?

I think that's what Thirdpower is driving at.

Just be yourself and let those around you know who you are.

jinksto said...