Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Second Amendment Nonsense"

Those are the feelings on the Bill of Rights by (former?*) DC area MMM president and overall twit Ladd Everitt (who also happens to be Comm. Dir. of the CSGV)

He repeats the famous "1% of gun dealers" lie which has been refuted by the CRS and compares firearms to spinach. When PuSH'ers gripe about our comparisons to cars and licensing, I plan on pointing them to this.

I wonder if Ladd still holds the 'collective rights' belief after Heller and McDonald and the BC statement that 'gun bans are off the table' or if, after all these cases, it's still 'judicial activism'?

I also wonder how well he knows GritsJr.

* I put that in parentheses since it seems the DC Chapter no longer exists. The Brady Bunch page states" We are currently organizing in your area, and we need your help." and the e-mail goes to a generic. So he's watching two groups he's been high in collapse. Telling.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...
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Sean D Sorrentino said...

can you show me a link to the "1% of gun sellers" statement?

My guess is that a very few dealers sell most of the firearms.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Um, Ladd? Ever considered switching to decaf?

Thirdpower said...


The 1% statement is in regards to an old BATFE statement that 1% of firearm dealers are responsible for the majority of traces. This was then bastardized by the BC et al into 1% of dealers are responsible for most of the 'crime guns' being sold.

Ladd repeats that claim in the video.

The CRS did a paper on it and citing it as one of the main reasons tiarht was put into place