Saturday, October 30, 2010

More of those Dang 'Coincidences'

We've talked several times about the Huffpo Troll known as 'GritsJr' and how he just 'happened' to post the exact same comment as someone using CSGV ED Josh Horwitz' account (and then deleted) just minutes earlier.

That's just one 'coincidence' and Grits denies being Josh himself. Fair enough even though his only defense is that I photo-shopped the screencapped messages.

Another 'coincidence' is, everytime Grits gets his Br'er Bear on and starts posting links to my site , I get a flood of hits from Wash. DC.,the homebase of the CSGV, for those exact same pages right before they turn up on Huffpo.

45Superman informed me that yesterday there was even another 'coincidence'. W/i minutes of eachother*, Grits posted the exact same quotes from SipseyStreetIrregulars as CSGV did on their TwitterFeed. Interestingly though, one tweet didn't make it through until several hours later.

I'm sure Grits will just consider this just another 'conspiracy theory' since it's possible he's just a regular guy who's that obsessed w/ reposting CSGV talking points, but all these 'coincidences' sure are piling up, aren't they? You'ld think that Grits would man up and just admit he's an intern/employee of CSGV that messed up instead of digging himself and his group deeper w/ every post.

But we know that's unlikely.

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*Time stamp differences accounted for.

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Scott said...

That would require way too much honesty for a paid shill. The deception is needed if he is going to convince people his bigotry is relevant.