Sunday, October 24, 2010

One and the Same

We've talked about the fact that Joan Peterson is a board member of both the Brady Bunch and a Joyce Puppet group. Well those connections between the groups are getting even tighter as their support falters.

Thom Mannard
has left his job of ten years as the ED of the Joyce Puppet Illinois Council against Handgun Ownership.

Replacing him is Tom Vanden Berk, another Brady Bunch board member who we've mentioned before.

As their public support continues to wain and mergers of the groups continue, it appears they're having a harder time finding enough people to run even these reduced organizations. It also shows that their agendas are just as similar as we've claimed all along. While the Brady Bunch filed a 'neutral' brief in McDonald and claimed 'handgun bans are off the table, all the Joyce groups opposed the ownership of handguns. We've seen the Brady's pick up the 'insurrectionist' meme championed by Josh Horwitz.

Gun control advocates like to rant on about the NRA and how they control the opinions and messages of all these blogs and other pro-gun groups. The reality is that there is much more diversity in opinion and leadership among firearm advocates that what is left of the gun control movement.

They are one and the same and we'll continue to see their extremist viewpoints shrink along w/ their support and budgets.

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Link P said...

They are in fact so much the same that some of their twitter accounts are just sock puppets pushing identical feeds.

Weer'd Beard said...

Hopefully this is the last days of them, and we can really get to work reversing the failed experiment of gun control.

Thirdpower said...

Link P: You can add the Brady Twitter "Bradybuzz" to that making it 4.