Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The anti-gun group Americans United for Safe Streets claims to be 'non-partisan' and is, and I quote " not picking sides" yet it seems the only people they're targeting in their ad campaign are, drumroll please....

The campaign will target a handful of Republican hopefuls and could be a boon to their Democratic counterparts,
They're about as 'non-partisan' as the AHSA (was) and the Brady Bunch.

Oh, and lookey who's funding them:

$500,000 Michael R Bloomberg City of New York/Bloomberg New York NY 10/17/08

A few of the other names on there you might recognize as well. Fanatical gun banners like Horwitz and Spangler.

Just another puppet group to make it sound like they have more support than they really do.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

I have a post on this for the morning. I am looking forward to seeing all 4 (even the guy in Ohio who is being sued for sexual harrassment) winning next week. That'd take the wind out of Bloomie and Joan's sails.