Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paul Helmke: Then vs Now

In Nov 2008, Paul Helmke proclaimed "We Win, They Lose. Now, Let's get to work."

The video states"
"This election, in terms of the gun prevention issue, is probably the most significant we've ever had." ... "Bottom line - in 2008, we won on the gun issue."
But wait. The embedded video has been "Removed by the User". It's still up on their YouTube Page (for now) though:

Now, in Jan 2010, the Brady Campaign releases a report calling Obama's presidency an "Abject Failure". Here's Paul Helmke crying about it on MSNBC.

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THE line?
Interviewer: Are they listening to you over at the White House?
Paul H.: They haven't yet.
Hee Hee.

H/T to the folks over at IllinoisCarry.

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Stephen said...

He "didn't expect anything" the first year, but he still gave the president an "F" and originally talked about how they'd won?

Good stuff! Thanks for the great perspective!

Shawn said...

"1,000 people murdered a month" and where do the majority come from, besides the states that most fit your wet dream.

You know what's odd? He's bitching about it yet that creepy ass smile is still on his face. Did anyone else notice that?

pops1911 said...


kaveman said...

Hmmm, in the MSNBC piece Paul states that he's looking forward to working with the light-bringer and on page 14 of the "report card" Eric Holder is quoted as saying he looks forward to working with the NRA.

Time to put the BC on suicide watch, or maybe not.

Mose Jefferson said...

Try as I might, I just can't seem to feel bad for all of those dead Chicago gangbangers - uh, I mean "schoolkids".

I also don't understand why falling violent crime rates don't seem to matter to this puffed up glory hog.