Friday, January 29, 2010

Advance the cause of Right to Carry in Illinois!

Events like IGOLD, town hall meetings, hosting a website, printing fliers, are all very important elements of making our voices heard
and serve to build the growing number of those pro-Second Amendment grassroots voices!

We need your support to make these things happen. Help us to meet our urgent goal of $3,500!
(If you would like to avoid the electronic fees and would prefer to send a check - please contact for more information .

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Or Paypal available here.
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1 comment:

Thirdpower said...

Right on schedule, Guy (AKA JadeGold) returns to troll when he gets really upset at people pointing out his many fabricated claims on other message boards.

Until you can explain how Chicago and LA make up over 125% of the gang related murders in the US like you claimed, go troll somewhere else.