Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friends and Enemies

The IL 59th State District is solidly Democrat. That's pretty much a given. We've spoken of the former holder of this seat, Kathy Ryg, before. She's the one that put out the campaign pamphlets showing machine guns and stating they were legal and handily won. That should tell you the kind of support for firearm rights there is in that area. Keep that in mind.

Her appointed replacement Carol Sente, however, was a slight improvement. Not exactly a friend to the 2A, she wasn't an enemy either. At one point she told the IL NRA lobbyist she was a member.

Well IL House Repub leader Tom Cross apparently thinks it's a GOOD idea to remove a moderate Dem in the primary and pave the way for another F- rated Dem to take the seat. He used a puppet group to send out Robo-Calls in her district with this message:

Hello this is an important voter alert.

You can trust Carol Sente to protect your right to own firearms.

Carol Sente is a member of the NRA and will be trusted to advance issues that would allow people to carry concealed weapons and reduce restrictions and regulations to buy guns.

If you care about guns, vote for Carol Sente.

Paid for by Citizens to Change Illinois.

Her response:

Sente says robocalls about her stance on guns are lies

"I am not a member of the NRA," Sente said Wednesday.

I'm so glad he's on our side.

H/T to Illinois Carry

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