Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brady strategy = Epic FAIL

It’s fairly obvious to see their feeble attempt and the outline of their thinking.

1. The Massachusetts senate seat loss to Brown was a huge wake up call. The dual losses of the governorships in New Jersey and Virginia were a bad omen, but Mass was the clincher that sent chills through congress and the White House, especially considering the Messiah actively campaigned for all three losers.

2. As the center piece “accomplishment,” Health Care Reform was now a long shot in its current form. Lots of sub-audible muttering in the Halls of Congress. Midterms approach while the Light-Bringer’s poll numbers continue to fall. Pissy fits abound.

3. State of the Union had to be totally rewritten as the focus switched to the economy and jobs. On a more basic level, the SOTU was revamped to address the growing anger of the American people about campaign promises made vs. the steaming pile of unicorn farts in the Oval Office.

The Brady Bunch smelled red meat… er, uh…make that a large field of fresh grass after a light rain.

Henigan throws up a post calling out Rahm Emanuel about fulfilling his prior pledge to do away with Due Process concerning the 2A and the no-fly list. The attempt to link explosive underoos and firearms was entertaining to say the least.

A few days later, and a few days before the SOTU, the Brady’s release a “report card” calling the President an “abject failure” and give him the grade of “F” on gun control. All the other anti groups link to it(this provided exposure to dozens of people). Helmke hits the media circuit and makes damn sure millions of people both inside and outside of Washington DC hear their latest meme.

They made a gamble and doubled down; shame the President into acknowledging them and their agenda in the SOTU.

Well, that worked out rather well for them, huh?

Not so much as a single syllable uttered about gun-control.

Could it be that the Brady Bunch actually puts stock in the latest push-poll by the Word Doctors and honestly believe that gun-control is a winning issue?

Or is there another Mary McFate at the BC HQ that is sinking the ship.

My belief is somewhere inbetween.

The Brady Bunch knows full well that they’re full of shit and are sinking their own ship just be being themselves.

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Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Good stuff.

Another (slightly) related example. The rabidly anti-gun "Gun Guys" (to whom I refuse to link) recently linked to a Stephen Colbert video segment making fun of Virginia state sentator R. Creigh Deeds' proposed legisltation for more relaxed regulations on youth hunting licenses.

The funny thing is that in the Virginia gubernatorial elections last November, although I don't know if the Brady Bunch explicitly endorsed Deeds, they certainly preferred him over his (NRA-endorsed) opponent (who won handily), because Deeds supported legislation to close the mythical "gun show loophole," and McDonnell didn't.

Now, even the Brady Bunch's (failed) preferred candidate is working to loosen gun/hunting laws.

Borepatch said...

A cynical view of this is that the White House put them up to this. The White House folks can count votes, and know that this issue is a non-starter; they also know that a lot of voters are really torqued off about gun control efforts.

A little muscle/calling in some favors/astroturf from Rahm Emmanuel and company would't be too surprising.

Like I said, that's a cynical view.