Friday, January 22, 2010

Good News

School overturns student's expulsion over guns in truck
Hudson Sangree | Sacramento Bee

A Willows High School student who was expelled for having firearms in his pickup that was parked near the school will be reinstated and have record of the disciplinary action expunged from his record.

That ruling was made this morning by Glenn County school trustees acting on an appeal filed by Gary Tudesko.

The Oct. 26 incident occurred a few days after the start of waterfowl hunting season in an area where duck hunting is a major pastime. Tudesko said he was returning from a morning hunt and did not have time to take the shotguns home without being late for school.

He said he parked on a public street thinking that satisfied the rule against bringing guns on campus. A dog trained to locate weapons later alerted authorities to the shotguns.

Tudesko, a high school junior, was expelled Nov. 19 by the governing board of the Willows Unified School District.

The unanimous decision by the five-member school board was met with cheering and applause by supporters of Tudesko, who celebrated by hugging his parents and lawyer.

After the expulsion, Tudesko's parents appealed to the county education board. The National Rifle Association and the California Rifle and Pistol Association provided support and legal assistance.

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Orygunner said...

THAT is AWESOME news! Nice to see some justice prevailed (although it sucks they had to screw with him to begin with).

Sevesteen said...

What bothers me about this is not so much the gun angle, but the idea that schools have control of students even when off school property not participating in a school activity.

Mose Jefferson said...

This story is why I am happy to contribute to the NRA - they really came through for that kid.

Firehand said...

Sev, that pissed me off too: what the HELL were they doing searching cars not on school property?