Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now What?

So Brown spanked Coakley's peepee for a seat that was held by THE Democrat for decades and Obama makes a speech about dismissing most of his cabinet and congress.

The GOP is crowing 'mandate' which usually is followed by an attack of the stupids.

How will they drop the ball this time to screw up the momentum that's there?

Will the DNC try and jam through health care and/or delay Brown's appointment?

In what other ways will our 'Government' show that they are completely detached from reality?

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kaveman said...

For what it's worth.

I think the dems will be hesitant to do anything of substance before the midterms and the repubs will be quite content in doing nothing until after the midterms.

All I know for certain is that the fallout is fun to watch and new gun control laws are the last thing on anybody's mind right now.

If the repubs were smart, they would focus on the economy, jobs and reducing debt while pushing for more 2A freedoms to get the dems on record and Obama stuck in the middle.

jinksto said...

I agree. Some one needs to drop them a note to say that, "anything less than a 30% victory is a 'lesser of two evils vote' and not a 'mandate'!"

Honestly, I expect the republicans to drop the ball in the same way that they have before. They'll assume that there is more momentum than there is (which in truth I suspect is very near zero anyway) and step all over themselves in trying to leverage it.

No change, no hope. From either side. The only hope that this gives us is a way to stop some of the most egregious abuses in progress.

I don't think the DNC will do anything with healthcare. I think they'll let it die and blame republicans in the November elections. Anything else will kill them at the polls. I suspect that many of them are VERY happy that Coakley lost and gave them a way out of the bind they were in.

From now until November congress (both sides) will be walking on eggshells. They'll be doing everything they can to blame the other side and undo the damage that they've done over the last year.

Anonymous said...
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Thirdpower said...

Right on schedule, the troll JadeGold reappears.

We're all anxiously awaiting his explanation for his claim that filing down a FIRING pin can make a gun fully auto.

Melancton Smith said...

I hope the Republicans don't get over-inflated. I think more folks are disillusioned with both parties and this was more a vote against the Dems than it was for Reps. I think incumbants of both parties will have a hard time next election.