Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reasoned Discourse: Sun Times Edition

Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun Times Lynn Sweet posted a blog entry w/ Daley's press release to the US Conference of Mayors in full. It lists all the elites and intellectuals who are supporting Chicago's gun ban and the usual PSH:
Nutter said, "There is no reason to have an m-16 in an urban environment/. The NRA is out of control."
Of course they don't call it a ban except in the headline, they call it an 'ordinance' and 'strong handgun laws'. Technically true. Neither does she note all the briefs filed against Chicago. I tried to leave this comment noting all the individuals opposing the ban:

Chicago's handgun ordinance?

That makes it sound like you are allowed to own a handgun. It's a ban. A resident has not been allowed to register any new handguns since 1982.

And that 82% of murders committed w/ firearms in the city? Still occurring even though handguns have been banned for over 20 years. The city accounts for over 60% of the murders in the state but only 22% of the population.

Opposed to the gun ban are:

38 states
56 US Senators
249 US Representatives
Over 700 state legislators
Dozens of other organizations and individuals

The Historical brief in support of Chicago has already been found to have inaccurate and at times deliberately misleading information.

Read the Briefs and Filings for yourself. Don't rely on a speech by an organization led by individuals w/ 24hr security forces who think you should rely on someone else for safety.

Here's the response:

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Why am I not surprised?

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Don said...

I got that message too. I guess they don't have an easy way of simply removing the comment button.

I just wanted to know what exactly Hizzoner Da Mare has done in his illustrious career to carry out what he called "our commitment to support the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution." Sheesh.

flatdarkmars said...

"There is no reason to have an m-16 in an urban environment."

For once I agree. In the confined spaces and short engagement ranges of an urban environment, a carbine is more suitable than a full length rifle like the M16.