Tuesday, March 17, 2009

O-Day +54:The Indirect Approach

Ending spent brass sales, cutting the armed pilot program, blaming US gun owners for the disaster that is Mexico.

These are the kinds of indirect actions against firearm owners that we have been seeing and will continue to see from the Obama Administration. The direct approach failed miserably so the new tactic is to slowly but surely quietly increase the numbers of restrictions, reduce beneficial programs, change regulations, ect. to drive costs up and discourage associated activities like reloading, target shooting, what have you.

Practically every nominatee Obama has chosen (including his VP) has had an extensive anti-gun history. Not to mention his own history of opposing firearm ownership.

The only one's this would come as a surprise to are those naive enough to thing his campaign rhetoric was legitimate.

Right Ray?

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TexasFred said...

It IS coming, as surely as we read these words, a fight is coming, and it will be ugly...