Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Confidence in Chicago PD Leadership

The Fraternal Order of Police joins the rest of the city residents in a "No Confidence" vote.

Officers Issue Vote Of No Confidence In Weis
FOP President: 'I've Never Seen Morale This Low'

"I think the message that's being sent from the membership by their votes is that they want to see change, and whether it's a new superintendent himself, or the overall administration of the department, something's got to change to put their men and women in a better frame of mind; a more secure frame of mind so they do their job as they know how to do it," FOP President Mark Donahue told CBS 2.

Not really a surprise. Not a thing has changed since he took over (at $310K/year) except that crime has skyrocketed and Daley has cut their numbers down to replace them with cameras that don't work.

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