Friday, March 20, 2009

O-Day +58: Insults and Media Silence

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has apologized to the chairman of the Special Olympics for his late-night talk show quip equating his bowling skills to those of athletes with disabilities.

The reaction by the media? Virtual silence.

The reaction by the Obamabots? Apologetics.

Can you imagine what the response would have had Bush made a similar statement? It would have been front page news for a week.

But there's no media complicity. No, none at all.


NotClauswitz said...

Thje Media is so locked-onto his ass they can't breathe unless he farts - and then they say it's all lilac.

Anonymous said...

If Obama insults a certain group of people and then apologizes and says he's going to invite some Special Olympics athletes to the White House to learn more about the subject, then pack your bags boys, gun owners must be next in line!!!

TexasFred said...

Obama is basically a MORON...

Obama sorry for Special Olympics gaffe