Monday, March 16, 2009

Not For Revenue Generation

Isn't that what we're always told about traffic cameras?

Chicago could rake in “at least $200 million” a year — and wipe out the entire projected deficit for 2009 — by using its vast network of redlight and surveillance cameras to hunt down uninsured motorists, aldermen were told today...

“You could put these cameras on the Dan Ryan. … You could have the same camera at the entrance to O’Hare Field’s parking lot where you have 10,000 cars parked. In theory, 20-some percent of those wouldn’t be insured and they’d all be in violation of a city ordinance,” Burke said.

“Maybe that’s why the staggering amount of revenue you’ve suggested could be potentially achieved.”


Like they're going to collect anywhere near what they spend on attempting to implement it.



Anonymous said...

They won't even get close. These cameras are one of the biggest scams going around city/state governments these days. Nearly all of them end up costing the city/county money to run. The same thing happened out here in Phoenix. They have been running in the red since day one, they'll probably all be tore down before the end of this year.

Smokey Behr said...

They installed RLCs at about a dozen intersections in Fresno, and the company said that the city would make thousands. It took 3 years to turn a profit, and that first profit (to the city) was a grand total of $160. One hundred sixty dollars. At the end of the 5-year contract, the RLCs were pulled out. The poles are still there, but the cameras and related sensors are gone.