Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kalishnikitty 2009

Via SmallestMinority:

Kalashnikitty time! Eric is doing another run of that popular classic.

OK, guys and gals, I have gotten a lot of emails in the past few months about people wanting Kalashnikitty shirts and have decided to do up another run.

I will be taking orders until Sunday, April 12 and the order with my shirt maker will go in on Monday April 13. I should have the shirts in my hands and shipping out by the last week of April and they will ship out immediately by Priority Mail. Occasionally things get delayed or sped up depending on his inventory, workload, shipping issues, etc. - but I'm giving myself enough time this time to hopefully get around these occasional issues.

Here's the procedure for getting the shirts (this makes it a LOT easier for me to track and ship these things ASAP)

Email me, with the following:

1 - Number and sizes you want - sizes are Child's Medium, Child's Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XL, Adult 2XL, and Adult 3XL.

2 - Your name and address

3 - How you would like to pay for them (Check, Money Order, Paypal)

TWO color choices this time around! - the classic light ash grey (very nice) - shirts are high-quality, do not fade or shrink, long lasting, very soft. Image is screen printed, NOT iron on or transfers. I've never gotten an email from any of my previous customers saying, "The shirt shrunk, faded, looks horrible after 3 months, etc." - these really are quite nice shirts.

I talked to my shirtmaker and he said he might be able to do this on a BLACK shirt - this has been requested by a lot of you over the years. He's working up a graphic for me (since the current outline of the graphic is black and wouldn't look right on a black shirt) - I think we may got with a white outline that will be a little wider and slightly different looking than the current white inside the graphic. As soon as I know and have an idea as to how it will look I'll let you know.

The extra cost of a black shirt will be $2.50 - this is due to the shirt "shells" in black costing more and the initial new setup of doing another plate for these.

Let me know if you would like your shirts in regular (ash-grey) or the new black.

Pricing - I have, in the past 7 years, never raised the price, even though my cost has gone up. I'm STILL not raising the price yet - even though shipping has gone up, I'm going to eat that since you all have been so great to me over the years and I want to make these available to as many people as I can.

Any size up to XL is $20, 2XL is $21.50 and 3XL is $22.00. As noted, black is $2.50 extra, regardless of size.

Shipping via 2-3 day Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation is $5.00 for 1 shirt, and an extra $2.50 per shirt after that.

Check, MO, or Paypal is good for payments. If using Paypal, add 4% to the total payment, including the shipping.

** When you email me your order, include your full name and mailing address. I will email you back with the total.

Below are some pictures of the graphic and some happy customers wearing them. Thanks again to everyone and spread the word!


Anonymous said...

I can vouch for the quality of these Tees. They are great.

And an excellent way to make your mother-in-law lose what little respect she had for you which took years to build.

Thirdpower said...

My MIL has one.