Saturday, December 26, 2009

Joyce Propaganda Continued

Continuing the series on anti-gun and associated messages being presented by the media comes an episode of "Criminal Minds" from 2006 called "The Tribe".

While it aired several years before the release of the numerous 'Right Wing Militia' reports , it refers to the Minuteman movement and a local (fictional) group called the "American Defense Unit". Quote: "They're kind of like the Minutemen on the boarder but instead of Mexicans, they hate Indians"

They pull the leader in as a suspect in the latest killings and laugh at him as he talks about his 'rights'. Quote: "You have 200 people in your group and over 450 guns. That's not self-defense, that's overkill. "

200 people and 450 guns is 'overkill'? That is less than a shotgun, rifle and handgun per person and they consider this a 'militant group'?

Nevermind the contradiction that one of the main characters was specifically mentioned as carrying two firearms.

Nevermind the fact that there's no way that they would know how many guns this group owned (unless it was advertised ) because NM doesn't have licensing or registration.

There was also a nice spiel about "21 Feet". Basically they said a gun is useless against anyone within 21 feet of you because they can get to you before you can react. Outside of 21 ft you have other options like running away.

The 'militia' turned out to have nothing to do w/ the crime of the week. It was just convenient to throw all that in.

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kaveman said...

The "21 feet" thingie sounds like a reference to the Tueller Drill.

Anonymous said...

A complete misrepresentation of what was learned from Tueller's experiemtation, yes.

Anonymous said...

Saw the same kind of left-wing- crap-talk on "Bones" the other day. Too bad, that was one of the few "cop" shows I could stand to watch these days.