Thursday, December 31, 2009

Days of Our Trailes: 2009 Year in Review

Blog stats for the year 2009:

Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
Total 199,526 150,206 98,725 51,481
Average 547 412 270 141

On average, readership of DOOT has increased about 35% over last year. There are over 200 followers of this site on FB.

Most viewed pages:

10) Josh Sugarmann is a Sad Clown 1,254 views
9) Seeing the Future 50 yrs ago 1,323 views
8) Modern Militia Equipment II: Basic Field Gear 1,636 views
7) Why the confusion on 'Assault Weapons 1,710 views
6) Modern Militia: Vehicles 1,969 views
5) Ugh, Why Me Here? 2,133 views
4) Modern Militia: Uniforms 2,188 views
3) Modern Militia: Firearms 2,716 views
2)Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps 7,568 views

And the #1 viewed page on Days of Our Trailers for 2009:

1) Unorganized Militia Gear 9,378 views

Top Ten referrers :

10) ViewfromthePorch 879 visitors
9) WaronGuns 2,054 visitors
8) Keyboard and a .45 2,699 visitors
7) Google/referrals 3,364 visitors
6) BredaFallacy 3,590 visitors
5) Xavierthoughts 4,099 visitors
4) LibertySphere 5,908 visitors
3) Google/organic 8,588 visitors

Sebastian and Bitter held their place at #2 for referrals.

2) Snowflakes in Hell 11,199 visitors

And w/ no real surprise, the #1 referrer to this site continued to be:

1) SayUncle w/ a whopping 19,179 visitors

The year was eventful. Kaveman joined DOOT as a co-blogger w/ his own unique view and some excellent posts. McDonald v Chicago is in full swing with things looking good for our side and the Brady Bunch effectively admitting defeat and Chicago desperately trying to cling to whatever vestiges of the ban they can. On the Federal level, we got the Amtrack bill and a few others. No major anti-gun bills have squeeked their way through. The states have been a mixed bag w/ the usual suspects like NJ, NY and CA passing laws that will in no way effect crime but other states showing their muscle by giving the proverbial middle finger to the ATF. I had a good time at the '09 NRA Convention. Wish I could have spent more time there.

Looking forward to the fun and games in 2010. Thanks for reading.

Happy New Year.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

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