Friday, November 30, 2007

Where's the Reasoned Discourse again?

Apparently the night shift censor over on HuffPo doesn't like working Fridays. I just watched the "Pending Comments" number on Pauls' latest PSH go from 11 to 0 w/o a single one getting through. About 4 of them being mine. So much for consistency and respect for freedom of speech.


Anonymous said...

Kelli's comments seme to be getting through.


Anonymous said...

And I even tried copy/pasting the same response to one of Kelli's several times in succession, only to have it killed each time.

Yet they let through my comment about having been censored.

(NYCexile on HuffPo)

Anonymous said...

Not only did the police cover it up, but it the report indicates that the officer involved (the wife) destroyed evidence of her husband's crime!