Friday, November 30, 2007

Paul's busy little beavers..

He wonders Where's the humor again? and states "Gun violence isn't funny". That's right Paul, it isn't. In a twist of irony, you use the emotional appeal of VT again. Virginia Tech was a "Gun Free" zone which empowered Cho and created those 32 victims you regularly gnash your teeth about.

Uncle has more. He also notes that Gonzo of the "Gun Guys" ( a real paid lobbyist shill, note that Ms. Washington) is also squealing about the debate, whining that they're "pandering to the gun extremists".

I'll ask again. How many candidates, leading, trailing, or otherwise, are begging the Brady Campaign, or any anti-gun group for that matter, for their endorsement?

Why would that be? Oh, right, because us "gun extremists" outnumber the "anti-gun extremists" 100:1. Even on their own web sites. That's called pandering to your constituency.

TO Sebastian also notes that it's not an AK-47 like Paul claims and is even CA AWB legal. He must be the resource CBS and CNN use for their anti-gun rants.

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