Monday, November 26, 2007

Another anti-gun fool on HuffPo on SCOTUS

Who doesn't know anything about firearms:

I just Googled "Uzi rate of fire" and found asset of specifications that say a "Micro Uzi" has a rate of fire of 1700 rounds per minute.

Thinks the FF's, men would could imagine an unprecedented form of Gov't, couldn't imagine any form of technological advances in firearms:

Had they known it would be possible to fire 1700 rounds per minute from a handgun, the Founders might have worded the second amendment more precisely. But they didn't know, and the wording is what it is.

And has to throw in the usual ad hominems, strawmen, and other logical fallacies to make any point whatsoever.

No wonder he's on HuffPo.


Rustmeister said...

That guy's a whackjob, and not very bright.

He says I can't determine the gun ownership intent of the Founders

He could, if he were to read anything written by them. Of course, that ruin his argument, so it ain't happening.

Anonymous said...

It's for stuff like this that I signed up.

About 2 of 5 comments manages to get through the censors, I mean moderators. I figure it's worth it, as opposed to making comments on pro-gun sites, which is mostly preaching to the choir.

You did a really nice job with Kelli, BTW.